Summer News 2016

British Summertime Has Arrived

“In this the 400th year since the passing of the bard, it is only common courtesy to remark on Shakespears immortal words about COMPLETION DAY….To be or not to be, that is the question…”

So summer has arrived and flaming June was certainly that…well for about a week then it was back to the rain and more rain and then that annual guarantee of more rain at Glastonbury festival. That guarantee was certainly honoured and the chaos it caused on all surrounding roads on day one was a sight we dont want to see again in a hurry. I have however been assured by the removal gods that July will make up for it with sunshine all the way.

July and August when all little sweeties are on school holiday and lots of mummys and daddies decide it’s time to move to pastures new and as usual, we are here to help them on their way. The diary is filling nicely and we are ready for the challenges ahead.

Wasps Nest Summer 2016 Removals Somerset Taunton Bath WellsThe joys of our new office are now being enjoyed by a colony of wasps in the roof space but luckily the queen has contacted me and asked if we know of a removal company. We had to tell her we are to busy to help but we know of a company who are great at that sort of specialist move and we are calling them in for an estimate…

The other thing we have noticed is that pollen counts are high, river levels are high, fuel costs are high, removal jobs are high and luckily spirits are high. Good things our charges are low. Feel free to call us for a free estiamate – no matter how big or small the move may be – on 01749 678884.

Happy summer from all at Wicks.